Various choices of bathroom glass designs that reflect modern design art

The rise of bathrooms with glass design concepts makes interior products made from glass increase. For this design requires manpower and qualified tools because it has an extraordinary level of complexity. As a solution, you can hire an interior design service that offers both the work and the work. But that’s not enough if you haven’t decided on the shape of the bathroom with glass decoration. You can see photos of the most popular used bathroom glass designs below.

1. Type of bathroom with combination glass base material

The art of modern bathroom interior design uses a lot of glass-based materials combined with aluminum or steinless. This combination forms a charming blend of works. The use of glass will reflect the modern taste of the bathroom owner. While the aluminum combination can enhance the appearance of the glass. If you want to have a bolder shape, maybe a stainless combination can be the answer. This type will give a reflection of beauty.

2. Types of bathrooms that use glass and mirrors as decorative materials

Not a few people have designed their bathrooms with glass and mirrors as decoration. If most people use glass as a divider to keep water from escaping but this can also be used as decoration. As you can see in the picture, that the mirror which is cut and arranged like a flower can decorate the beauty of your bathroom.

The concept of mirror glass which is square or square in shape signifies a modern casual type. The impression that will be displayed is not an element of artistic value that has high artistic value, but a modern element with a luxurious style. This type is often installed in hotel or airport bathrooms. You will look special if you have this type of bathroom.

3. Bathroom glass design with transparent door concept

This type of transparent glass design for bathroom doors is the most commonly used to show modern performance. Not only hotels that use this concept, but modern houses are equipped with this kind of interior style. Usually, the shape of a door made of glass is combined with a stainless door handle. This forms a very special combination.

This type of door is very comfortable to hold, you don’t feel slippery because even though it looks slippery, it is very comfortable and rough when it is in the palm of your hand. This is what makes this door provide easy access for the owner.

4. Bathroom glass design with unique curved bulkhead concept

This type has a unique impression because of the curved glass design. Of course, the artistic and aesthetic impression on this type appears because it is very difficult to make. This type provides an elegant appearance that functions to hold water from coming out into another corner of the bathroom so you don’t bother cleaning the corner of the bathroom. All you need to clean is the inside of the curved glass. This type is the most attractive and popular among today’s society.

Source : Mebel Jepara Minimalis